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Submit Press Release 123 Terms of Service


By utilizing the services of Top Wire News Group, Submit Press Release 123, and affiliates, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to our terms of service. This agreement (“agreement” may be used interchangeably with “terms of service” throughout this document) outlines legally binding terms of use.


As a user of this site, you acknowledge that you are competent and eligible to agree to the outlined terms. Membership is void where prohibited.


1) Eligibility for membership


Users must make every reasonable effort to ensure that information submitted is accurate at all times. Users must be 13 years of age or older. Use of service may not violate laws or regulations applicable to their region. Violation of terms may warrant immediate termination of membership or use without notice. Users who are provided passwords or usernames for accessing newsrooms and/or other features are responsible for maintaining confidentiality of this information and are responsible for any action taken on their account. Users are expected to provide Submit Press Release 123 with sufficient notification if the security of their account has been jeopardized, or there has been unauthorized use.


2) Fees and Payments


Registration for Submit Press Release 123 is free; however fees are charged for each press release distribution package. Press release distribution and other services will not be provided until payments have been processed.


We are not obligated to handle disputes related to purchase agreements entered into with third parties.  Fees for services must be paid prior to receipt of access to distribution services. By entering your payment information, you authorize Submit Press Release 123 (and who has been designated to handle processing of payments) to charge your account, whether you have provided credit card, debit card, PayPal or other financial information for purchase of paid services requested. Providing payment information denotes one’s permission to use the method for purchasing. You also agree that recurring service charges may be obtained for payment information provided for services billed on a month to month basis. Overdraft fees or other fees that may be incurred as a result of charges made to your account for services are your responsibility. Fees charged for services provided are not refundable. Disputes regarding account charges, or payment issues must be submitted in writing within 30 days of the charge to be considered. Applicable taxes are the responsibility of users.


3) Control of User Content


Submit Press Release 123 does not claim ownership of content written, produced, or submitted by users. We are not obligated to monitor newsrooms or websites created for the use of users or material posted by you or visitors to your site. You agree to provide permission for Submit Press Release 123 and authorized representatives to access registration information you provide when signing up for set up and maintenance purposes. Personal information provided to users through our secure server is not released to third parties. Authorized representatives and affiliates of our site are required to respect the privacy of users; however it is your responsibility to understand the privacy policies of third parties and how information shared with or collected by them may be used. We will not assume responsibility for actions taken by third parties.


4) Content Publishing Rights


You agree that publishing and distributing content through Submit Press Release 123 and affiliates gives TopWireNews Group limited license for use of the content, and to conduct related activities in connection with writing and distribution. Wired and/or its affiliates are also not required to pay for content use or provide royalties. This license does not limit further licensing of your content to whomever else you may choose. We are not liable for what happens to information submitted by you after it is released through the web. You are responsible for fees or other monies that may be owed in connection with content posted by you and/or distributed through our services. You are also responsible for maintaining backup copies of your content, which is not guaranteed to be stored on the website of Submit Press Release 123 and Wired affiliates.


5) Submissions


Content submitted to TopWire & its affiliates must be free of subject matter or images that are sexually explicit, obscene, or deemed inappropriate at the discretion of Submit Press Release 123 , and may be rejected or deleted if found to be so.  Submit Press Release 123 does not assume responsibility for submissions deemed offensive or inappropriate. Submit Press Release 123 is not obligated to remove or make changes to materials that are deemed inappropriate or offensive that has been submitted by users; however, in the event that activities related to posting the content are found to be unlawful or warrant investigation, Submit Press Release 123 reserves the right to take appropriate action against those who may be in violation of the law.


6) LINKS in the press release:
Links as per Google Guidelines - NoFollow Links in the press release.


For a listing of guidelines and terms of use, please see Submit Press Release 123 Guidelines.




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